My thoughts on The Poison of Love by K.R. Meera

The Poison of Love by K.R. Meera is a short novel, originally published as Meera-saadhu in Malayalam and later translated to English by Ministhy S. This novella has recently gained quite a fame after it was translated. After reading a lot of positive reviews and recommendations from  friends, I finally decided to read it. I... Continue Reading →


Book Review : Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Doctor Sleep is one of the most anticipated King novels, sequel to the masterpiece, The Shining. Written in 2013, almost after 33 years to it's prequel, Doctor Sleep is much deserved and worthy sequel in my opinion. Like many other  King fans, I was keen to know  what happened to Danny and his mother, Wendy... Continue Reading →

My Top 10 reads of 2017

Is it too late to share my favorite books from 2017 ?? I think, NOT!  🙂 2017 has been a great reading year for me. Considering the slow reader I am, I had set a goal of 25 books this year for my goodreads reading challenge, which I surpassed by reading 54 books. Quite a boost in... Continue Reading →

Em and The Big Hoom : Book Review

"You can cry in public as long as you do not sob. Tears are transparent. If you’re walking fast, if the sun’s too strong, no one notices. Sobs intrude. They push their way into people’s consciousness. They feel duty-bound to ask what has happened. " - Em and The Big Hoom by Jerry Pinto. A... Continue Reading →

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